Rock & Roll – English Classes


Let’s touch the sky! Traveling at the speed of light, the student becomes the master. English lessons designed in such a way that you will progress rapidly and learn the language in no time.

We will practice the four skills, vocabulary, fluency and thinking in English at a much faster pace. You will reach your objectives quickly.

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Hard core music for a hard core English course. We will meet in the online classroom twice per week, for one month to learn the English you need fast.
This course will take your English skills to the next level, progressing through the langauge like never before.
Suitable for any English level you might have, as your teacher will create your course based on your needs and interest.
You will be the only student, making your language journey a personalized one.
Start with a free 30 minute session to meet the teacher, so that we can design your own Rock & Roll course.


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