Funky Jazz – English Classes


Let’s make magic! Custom made lessons to break down the English language and learn it in your own style, rhythm and time. Learn the language like never before.

We will develop the four language skills: reading, speaking, writing, listening. You will navigate the language with ease.

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Funky Jazz, just like in music is here to lift you up and take your English to the next level.
The goal is to design a course to help you make your journey from your current level, to the next one.
The course will last one month, with 60 minutes classes once per week and it is just you and the teacher in the online classroom.
No matter your English level, you will have access to personalized classes to help you navigate the world of English.
Start with a free 30 minute session to meet the teacher, so that we can design your own Funky Jazz course.


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