English Workshop


Every month we have a group workshop focused on a specific topic. Special guests that will help you practice, you will listen to different accents and meet other students. The workshop is based on real life situation, it’s the language you will not find in text books. Let’s write that CV! Let’s get you that job! Let’s get you ready for that date 😉

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The workshops are designed to help you with extra curricular English.
This is a practical course, with two hours focused on a specific topic.
You will know the street English, the one that you will hear if you work with or live with English natives.
We want you to get to know the diversity of the English culture and its speakers and make you part of this universe.
It is a monthly, two hour group workshop, where we will bring on special guests to talk to you and share their knowledge.
Book your seat and meet the teacher for a 15 minute session where you will get more info on the current workshop.


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