Coffee & chillout – Conversational English


Let’s talk about … ! Think of the class as going for a coffee with a friend. It’s conversational English tailored to your interests, on what’s happening in the world and practical dialog of everyday situations. We will work on building your vocabulary and start thinking in the language. You will be more fluent and confident when speaking the language.

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Coffee & chillout is your time to relax and enjoy your favourite coffee or tea, while having a nice English conversation.
The goal is to make you practice your English, make you more fluent or talk about subjects you like and could talk about for hours, but maybe you don’t have the confidence to do it in English (yet!)  It is a class that you can enroll in as many times as you want or you can buy multiple sessions at once. In each class, we will focus on vocabulary and pronunciation and if you choose to select multiple sessions, we will make sure that you start thinking in English.
Suitable for any level of English, however if you are an absolute beginner we recommend booking a minimum of 5 classes, so as to have a real impact.
Start with a free 15 minute session to meet the teacher, so that we can design your own Coffee and Chillout course.


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