Lili's Language House

  1. How old do I have to be to participate in language courses?
    We encourage students of all ages, however for students under 18 years old, we would need a written permission signed by the parent/guardian. The purchase needs to be made by the parent/guardian and once you talk to the teachers they will provide you with the permission slip to sign.
  2. Are the courses suitable for absolute beginners?
    Yes. The conversational class, as well as the course packs can be designed for absolute beginners.
  3. Are the workshops suitable for absolute beginners?
    No. The workshops require a higher level.
  4. 4. Are the teachers native speakers?
    Lili’s Language House takes pride in its inclusiveness. As such, we collaborate with both non-native and native teachers. We guarantee that all teachers have the necessary educational background and expertise to be able to provide top quality language classes.
  5. How many students are assigned to each language course/class?
    The classes and courses are tailor made, meaning only one student will be present in the class.
  6. How many students are assigned to each language workshop?
    The workshop is a chance to interact with others and practice your language skills. For this reason, it is a group class. In order to make the most out of the workshop, we will have up to 6 students.
  7. How many times a week do the classes take place?
    Depends on the course selected.
    Funky Jazz – 1 class per week
    Rock & Roll – 2 classes per week
  8. How long does a course last?
    Funky Jazz and Rock & Roll – 1 month
  9. How long does a lesson last?
    Coffee&Chillout – 45 minutes
    Funky Jazz and Rock&Roll – 60 minutes
    Workshop – 2 hours
  10. Are all classes/courses online?
  11. Can I participate in the class via my phone?
    We strongly encourage you to participate in the classes from a laptop or desktop. Classes via phone tend to limit the use of multiple app at the same time.
  12. Do we need any course books?
    No, as all the course/class materials will be provided by the teacher.
  13. Aside from the class/course payment are there any other costs I have to take into account?
    The amounts that are listed on the website are the final ones. Please take into account that your bank might apply extra costs. Please consult with your bank for any extra costs.
  14. What is Meet the Teacher?
    It is a 15 to 30 minutes free session that we offer to all our students. It is here that you will Meet your Teacher, who will assess your level and see why you want to learn the language. Based on the answers we will create a personalized course plan, with lessons adapted to your style, interests and language goals. Since the Coffee & Chillout and the workshops are designed as a one-time class, the Meet the Teacher is for you to know the teacher and to see exactly what you will need during these classes. You will book this session right after you pay for the class/course.
  15. Will we take a level test?
    The teacher will asses your level during the Meet the Teacher session.
  16. How can I pay for my class/course/workshop?
    You can pay directly on the website, via credit or debit card, PayPal or direct bank transfer.
  17. Can I pay for the course once completed? Would I be able to get a refund on a class, course or workshop?
    In the Meet the Teacher session, the teacher will assess your level and ask you certain questions to be able to create the course lessons. This means that we will create everything before actually starting the classes and for this reason, we are not able to create the lesson before payment or refund the money for any of the courses, classes or workshops.