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Alternative Language

E-learning Experience

Online language school, looking out for your language learning journey with personalized, affordable, individual classes & group workshops.


General Courses

The general courses are available for all level students, throughout the year. Once you enroll you will be able to meet your teacher and schedule your first class.

Coffee & chillout

Let's talk about …!

Think of the class as going for a coffee with a friend. It's conversational English tailored to your interests, on what's happening in the world and practical dialog of everyday situations. We will work on building your vocabulary and start thinking in the language. You will be more fluent and confident when speaking the language.


for a 45 minute individual class

Funky Jazz

Let's make magic!

Custom made lessons to break down the English language and learn it in your own style, rhythm and time. Learn the language like never before. We will develop the four language skills: reading, speaking, writing, listening. You will navigate the language with ease.


for 4 individual 60 minute class

Rock & Roll

Let's touch the sky!

Traveling at the speed of light, the student becomes the master. English lessons designed in such a way that you will progress rapidly and learn the language in no time. We will practice the four skills, vocabulary, fluency and thinking in English at a much faster pace. You will reach your objectives quickly.


for 8 individual 60 minute class
Special Courses

Monthly Workshop

Meet other students and listen to different accents, while special guests will bring you real life situations and conversations on different topics to help you practice the language in its current form. It's the language you will not find in text books. Let's write that CV! Let's get you that job! Let's get you ready for that date!

Group class (up to 6 people) 

€15 for 2 hours

The Beginning of Lili's Language House

Our Story

Hello World,

My name is Liana, Lili for friends and I am the founder of Lili’s Language House.

My language journey began at the age of five, when I started learning English. Speaking various languages has opened numerous doors for me. Professionally, I worked in international translation agencies, coordinated global teams and worked with people based worldwide. Personally, I travelled and discovered many cultures. 

After becoming TEFL certified, I worked in different schools, each with its own teaching style. With the experience gained, I felt it was time for the next step. In April 2020, during the global quarantine, I worked independently as an English teacher. I knew then I wanted to grow in this direction and looked into opening my online school. I wanted a school available to all, physically and economically, where the students’ interest is my focus. The end result – Lili’s Language House, the online school where I wish to help students in their language learning voyage with personalized classes. I also wish to encourage you to follow your path and open your doors.


Liana Batea

Founder of Lili's Language House

"I always said somebody should do something about that. Then I realized I am somebody." - L.Tomlin

About Us

Our Vision

Lili’s Language House stands for inclusiveness. A safe space for everyone, worldwide, to share their authenticity and express what they want or need in their language learning voyage. The school opens its door to everybody, irrespective of age, nationality, race, gender, personal beliefs, educational and economical background. The same applies to the teachers that aid you in your experience. Lili’s Language House collaborates with both non-native and native language educators. We guarantee that all our professors have a native language level, the educational skill set and experience to encourage you to reach your language goals. Our vision is to steer away from stereotypes and archaic beliefs that have been around for centuries. The entire team is dedicated to offering you the classes you need and to make the change we want to see in the world. 

Be part of our journey and make us part of yours!

What Our Students Say About Us

Wall of Fame

Have a look at our students' reviews and write about your own experience with us.


High level of fluency and proficiency in English. Really fun classes! Actually motivating lessons and very adaptable to the student’s needs! Loads of progress in a short amount of time. Highly recommend!


Es una profesora con mucha vocación, y con mucha paciencia, me ha encantado, ha sido un dinero muy bien invertido.


Hemos trabajado juntas en clases de inglés y la he ayudado mejorar su español. Buena profesora y buena alumna.


La recomiendo, muy versátil y encantadora. Gracias!


She is very knowledgeable, patient, understanding and positive. All the right traits of a great teacher. Highly recommend!


Very professional, kind and fun. Lili is very patient and her English is excellent. I highly recommend the classes if you want to learn English in a fun, friendly environment.


The teacher is very knowledgeable and patient, whenever someone asks me for English classes I recommend Lili's Language House.


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